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What Can You See?
Find the hidden pictures

Item: 5035011100789

Format: cards
Pages: 62

This ColorCards game consists of 30 large photocards and two different flip books that initially hide the chosen card, then gradually reveal it as you turn the pages. The game is to gradually uncover the photocards so the students can predict what they show. At each stage, the game gets easier.

What Can You See? is highly motivating and encourages communication and vocabulary building. It also has the flexibility to be used in different ways with your students.

Use What Can You See? to develop the following skills:

  • Attention and concentration
  • Turn-taking
  • Logic thought
  • Visual perception
  • Predicting
  • Problem solving
  • Vocabulary and word-finding
  • Expressive language

It can also be used:

  • to encourage reluctant communicators
  • as a relaxed introduction to more formal activities
  • as a reward towards the end of a teaching or therapy session


    Objects and animals
  1. clock
  2. butterfly
  3. pancakes on a plate
  4. tiger
  5. snowman
  6. parrot
  7. fireworks
  8. squirrel
  9. pizza
  10. hot air balloons
  11. dolphins jumping
  12. dog and children in a tent
  13. mother and baby giraffe
  14. seaside playground
  15. sailboats in a harbour

    People and places
  16. tennis player
  17. girl with an umbrella
  18. skateboarder
  19. clown
  20. boys on space hoppers
  21. girl feeding some chickens
  22. ice skaters
  23. children dressing up
  24. volley ball game
  25. family on a carousel
  26. guitar players
  27. teacher and pupils
  28. birthday party
  29. fruit and vegetable market
  30. outdoor meal
“A great tool ... The images are flexible enough for you to implement in as many ways as your imagination allows!”
- Nursery Education

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