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Write Cursive

Cursive DVD

Item: 800828275297

Brought to you by the same creative team who designed Write Their ABCs DVD, this approximately 1 hour/4 section DVD is an excellent tool for home or school use to teach children how to write their cursive letters. Winner of Dr. Toy’s “100 Best Children’s Products” (2008), the Parent’s Choice “Approved” Award and Creative Child Magazine’s “Preferred Choice” Award. Also earned the Toy Man’s seal of approval and 5 Star Award of Excellence.

The Write Cursive DVD teachs children the “rules” typically associated with cursive letter and word writing. Both upper and lowercase letters are demonstrated in a single DVD with verbal and visual instructions. Footage is shot from the student’s perspective using “visual modeling” to help children better understand letter placement and letter strokes. Letters are not shown alphabetically but rather in letter groupings that build upon the basic letter stroke to help students avoid letter reversals and difficulties. Simple menus allow parents, teachers and students to select each letter directly to enable curriculum, class and individualised writing support.

This colourful DVD shows how to write all upper and lowercase letters in “modern” cursive, shows two versions of uppercase “Q” and the lowercase “y” to conform with most school writing programmes, tips to remember letter connections, reminders on how to grip the pencil and proper posture. Colourful graphics not only introduce the cursive letter demonstration but also show 2 cursive words to help children learn to read cursive. More than 100 cursive sight words are shown!

This DVD even has a “connections” section to explain the basic rules on how to connect letters and a brief memory game to help children remember when to connect uppercase letters with lowercase letters to form words. Fun breaks are interspersed using our exclusive Look2Write games which show colourful pictures encouraging children to write as many words they see in the picture that start with the letters shown on the picture. (Teachers and families can pause the pictures to allow for team and/or inclusive play!)

“The slow showing of how to use and make the letters and the explanation was fantastic.” (Excerpt from Teachers’ Evaluation Comments, Learning Magazine 2009 Teacher’s Choice Award Program Review).


“I liked that this product is a DVD, easy to pop in and the kids can watch and learn, on their own, in a group, or with one on one guidance … The instructions are clear and easy to follow … The illustrations are quality and easy to view and understand. … The step by step instructions on how to use the pencil, and the section on lefties was great. The slow showing of how to use and make the letters and the explanation was fantastic.”
- Excerpts from Learning Magazine 2009 Teachers’ Choice Award Program (Teachers’ Evaluation Comments - Aspects They Liked Most).

“Thanks to the assistance of a local elementary school in the Los Angeles/Torrance, CA area, we had the opportunity to give … Write Cursive a true hands-on consumer evaluation … . As we entered, there was a group of parents, kids, and the teacher, grouped around the computer lab stations in the room, with a big cake on the desk at the end of the room. The teacher stepped up and said, “On behalf of our school lab, the parents and students who participated in your product evaluation, we would all like to just say THANK YOU! The mother of one of our students owns a bakery and they brought the cake you see here as our way of saying thank you from all of us. This DVD is well beyond anything we had expected and knowing it was created by two mothers puts the icing on the cake!” To say the very least, we were all dumbstruck from the unexpected praise. From that moment on it was nothing but plenty of comments being shared about how much fun the DVD was and how it was so “neat”, and how the teacher was astounded at “… how easily even my most stubborn students were willing to use the DVD”. Never did we imagine that … Write Cursive would be such a monumental hit, especially after our experience the last 24 hours at the school. The feedback forms had an abundance of very good comments for virtually every facet of the DVD. Based upon the feedback from the parents, school, teacher, and kids, … Write Cursive was an absolute winner with everyone at this school! ”
- Excerpt from School Review Team for The Toy Man™ Product Evaluation Program


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