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The Dyscalculia Toolkit:
Supporting Learning Difficulties in Maths, 3Ed.

by Ronit Bird

Item: 9781473974265

Ages: 6 - 14 years

Format: softcover
Pages: 224

The new edition of the bestselling Dyscalculia Toolkit continues to meet the needs of specialist and non-specialist teachers working with learners aged 6 to 14 years, who have difficulty with maths and number.

Now with over 200 activities and 50 games, new and improved illustrations, and an expanded list of recommended readings, useful websites & resources, the new edition also includes exclusive access to a brand new companion website which features:

  • 10 videos with over 45 minutes of material demonstrating a selection of games from every section
  • Editable pupil tracking sheets organised by teaching point and section
  • Over 70 pages of downloadable and printable teaching materials including activity sheets, game boards, teaching resources & summary tables

Packed full of practical, creative and innovative ideas and strategies this is the complete toolkit to help teachers and parents support learners with dyscalculia or those struggling with mathematics.



Reviews (for the previous edition)
“The style and layout are clear and accessible; distinctly practical but with sufficient introduction and explanation to clarify the purpose of the activities, which I found enormously helpful…. An excellent resource for anyone teaching maths, from early years to secondary intervention work.”
– Support for Learning

“This is an excellent resource … suitable for use with all learners between the ages of 7 and 14, but particularly for supporting pupils experiencing significant and specific difficulties in mathematics.”
– SENCO Update

“Yes!! This book is a winner. At last someone is addressing in detail many of the challenges these students are meeting …. A wonderful toolkit!”
– Jenny Stent, SENCO, International Student Co-ordinator, Hankanui School, Hamilton, New Zealand

“Who says numbers are boring?! This is a bright and inviting addition to any good support library … this toolkit does what it says on the packet. A ready to run resource that is very user friendly. Lots of game based activities with clear instructions. Ideas would be useful for students with specific difficulties however the fun based element will help all students enjoy working with numbers.”
– TES website

This book and CD contains a fine assortment of 200 teaching activities and 40 practical games for teaching the basics of numeracy”
– Times Educational Supplement

“Finally, a book which understands! This book is full of pain-free games and activities which show that the author really gets dyscalculia. Things are broken down well so there are opportunities to build up basic understanding without getting bogged down and overwhelmed – and never a worksheet in sight. Now my daughter is happy to sit down and do maths with me. I’m really delighted with this – it has filled a real gap.”
– Amazon Reviewer

This book is absolutely brilliant! I would highly recommend it to any parent or teacher who has a child or children with numberwork difficulties. Very easy and exciting to use.”
– Amazon Reviewer


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