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Writing Adventures Workbook & Journal

by Donna Cargill-Austim & Patricia Padgett

Item: 0970709706

Item: 0970709714
Book 1

Book 2

  Format: softcover
Step-by-Step Mastery of Writing

Ideal for a wide range of ability levels.

This kid-friendly, reproducible book is filled with pages of fun activities to spark students’ interest, develop skills and keep writing what it should be — an adventure!

Book 1

The fun begins with writing basic, simple sentences and progresses to complex sentences, paragraphs, and creative writing.

  • Includes brief, concise lessons on sentence structure and paragraph writing
  • Creative writing outlines, plot worksheets, and reference pages demystify and simplify the writing process
  • Each lesson ends with journaling and drawing activities to stimulate even more creativity
  • Easily adapted for oral use
  • Perfect for early elementary students as a teaching tool
  • Excellent source for reviewing sentence structure, punctuation and story writing with older students
Book 2

The fun continues as Book 2 builds writing skills from complex sentences to expository (informative) paragraphs and essays.

Writing Adventures Book 2 is:

  • Structured so students learn how to organise and write with clarity for informative, operational, persuasive, compare/contrast activities and more
  • Filled with stylistic openers and other essay starting techniques so students can grab the reader’s attention in the first few sentences and hold on to it
  • An excellent source for reviewing writing skills with older students and adults
  • Ideal for introducing writing skills with elementary and middle school students
Sample pages:

Book 1

Book 2

“The authors of Create-A-Story have provides SLP’s with additional sources to improve descriptive, narrative, and meta-linguistic skills in their students with expressive language disorders.”
- Nancy L MA, CCC-SLP, CA

“Makes teaching and learning sentence structure and punctuation fun!”
- Heather A., M. Ed., Boston, MA

“Writing Adventures Book 2 is clear, sequential, and logical. It allows the student to develop expository writing skills in a natural fluid manner. The exercises are linguistically appropriate and developmentally sound.”
- Douglass M. Speech/Language Pathologist, Ontario, CA

“This second workbook focuses on writing mechanics, but with a flair for the imaginative. The activities are far more fun and inventive than tiresome drill and kill workbooks.”
- Erik F., Unschooler, New York

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