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These series of high quality visual aids come in topics related to:

  • Basic and Abstract Concepts
  • Learn To Talk About Series
  • Conversation Starters
  • Picture Dialogues
  • Questions and Answers



What are they thinking?

Patterns - No Problem!

Abstract Categories

Fill-ins & Reversals

Matching Identical &
Non-identical Items


Learn To Talk About Household Items

Conversation Starters - School


Conversation Starters -
Home & Family

Conversation Starters -
Things I Like To Do


Conversation Starters -
Every Day Conversation

Conversations In Pictures - Daily Living Skills

Picture Dialogues - Birthday Parties

Responsibility Check List - Home

Responsibility Check List - School

Understanding Emotions

Question Series - Community Outings

Question Series - In The Home

Question Series - Entertainment

Question Set - What & How

More cards  

"Having used your cards entitled 'Match Identical' and 'Non-Identical Items', with various children on the spectrum I have found them to be durable, user friendly, motivating, realistic and most importantly they have helped my students master many of their target skills. The size of the cards are 'just right' for little hands, the coated texture help make them durable so they can be used over and over again and cleaned off easily. I have used the cards not only as a learning tool but as a reinforcement for a child who enjoyed looking at pictures of cars and fish. Thank you for your wonderful product."
Randi, NY

"These cards are great! I have the whole series and they've made the world of difference to my son's language. Thank you!"
Kim, NJ

"What a great decision to buy these cards. I didn't expect too many results and my son made huge gains with these cards. Suddenly he was exchanging information! You can put my name down because now I recommend them to everyone."
Maida, OK

"I bought a lot of items from you and I'm very pleased with them. I especially like the Picture Dialogues - Birthday Parties. Parties are very difficult for my child and this set has helped him to understand 'a party' and to talk about it."
Joy, MD

"Thank you for the Responsibility Checklists. I use them in my classroom. They work great. They help my students remember when it's time to listen, work with a friend or keep their hands to themselves. I also use them as a schedule to show what's coming next such as library, lunch etc. I'm glad I found this set. It's truly very helpful and a great price."
Lindsay, TX

"I have been a Special Education teacher for many years and the What and How cards are simply the BEST at teaching how questions."
Candice, UT

You can e-mail your order to products@spedsg.com,
fill up an order form and fax to (65) 6899 8477,
or call (65) 6899 8377.