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Intensive, multisensory reading intervention with proven results Intervention Appropriate Grades Pre-K–8+

by Sheila Clark-Edmands

Sounds Sensible — Pre-Level 1
Teacher’s Guides, Levels 1–8
Blackline Masters, Levels 1–8
Student Readers, Levels 1–8
Student Workbooks, Levels 1–8
Ancillary Materials
Illustrated Decodables

What is S.P.I.R.E.?

S.P.I.R.E.® is a comprehensive and multisensory reading intervention programme. It is designed to prevent reading failure and to build reading success through an intensive, structured, and spiraling curriculum. It integrates phonological awareness, phonics, handwriting, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension in a 10-Step lesson plan that is specifically designed for the way struggling readers learn.

S.P.I.R.E. Highlights

  • Easy for any educator to implement Teacher’s Guides for every level provide explicit, detailed instruction and scripting for all lessons to support teachers at every step.
  • Instruction matched to student need Abundant resources for continuous assessment and reinforcement ensure every student has what is needed to master skills.

Sounds Sensible — Pre-Level 1

Sounds Sensible® is uniquely effective as phonological awareness and beginning phonics instruction for beginning or strugglig readers:

  • For beginning readers – essential instruction that builds the foundational skills of reading to prevent reading failure before it starts
  • For struggling readers – an Orton-Gillingham based intervention for any grade level that serves as Pre-Level 1 of the S.P.I.R.E. programme.

Sounds Sensible provides hands-on instruction in the most reliable indicators of reading success: phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and an understanding of letter-sound relationships, as well as handwriting. Included are structured, sequential, 5-step (45-minute) lessons for the mastery of 20 conconants and short a. Sounds Sensible can be completed in 6-8 months.

Kit provides all materials needed for implementation:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Blackline Masters*
  • Game mats, pieces, and cards*

* Materials include optional elements more suitable for young learners.

Teacher’s Guides, Levels 1–8

These invaluable resources include detailed lesson plans with dialogues modeling scaffolded instruction for every step of the S.P.I.R.E. 10-step lesson plan.


  • Multiple reinforcement lessons for every concept
  • Point-of-use cross-references to Blackline Masters, Readers, and Workbooks
  • Extensive word, phrase, and sentence lists for individualising lessons

To learn which concepts are covered in each level, download the Scope and Sequence

Blackline Masters, Levels 1–8

Reproducible instructional materials organised in one location:

  • Decoding assessments for all concepts
  • Fluency Drills
  • Key Word Concept Sheets
  • Phoneme Segmentation Sheets
  • Word Cards
  • Plus more!

Student Readers, Levels 1–8

Readers are comprised of fully decodable text, controlled for phonics and sight word knowledge, including the instructions. Included are multiple reading passages for every concept and word lists for developing word analysis skills. These consumable books come in an unillustrated format for application of decoding strategies, word recognition, and comprehension.

Student Workbooks, Levels 1–8

Workbooks include fully decodable exercises and instructions. Provide students with extended practice and reinforcement through phonics and decoding activities for every concept and comprehension questions for every passage from Student Readers.

Ancillary Materials : Initial Placement Assessment

Diagnostic and prescriptive assessment provides detailed data for the placement of students within S.P.I.R.E. includes:

  • Detailed administration guidelines
  • Tests to assess the encoding and decoding of phonemes and words, plus alphabet knowledge
  • Phonogram Cards (Levels 1–5) are needed to administer the Initial Placement Test

Phonogram Cards

Colour coded cards for daily phonogram automaticity practice. Two sizes available (2½” x 3½” or 5” x 8”).

Word Cards

High frequency word cards for automaticity drills. Traffic light colors cue students:

Stop! Non-phonetic (sight) word! (red)
Slow down! There’s an unusual sound! (yellow)
Go! It’s decodable! (green)
(Size 6” x 4”)

Magnet Board and Letters

A magnetic board (18” x 12”) that folds in half for easy storage, along with 262 magnetic phonogram tiles for use in daily word building activities.

Alternative format Letter Set includes all phonogram cards on cardstock with cutting lines. Magnetic squares sold separately.

Phoneme Segmentation Chart

Teacher models phonemic awareness activities with this 15” x 18” magnetic board. Magnetised circles and rectangles representing phonemes and syllables are included.

Sound Circles and Syllable Rectangles

Students use these in phoneme manipulation activities to mirror teacher’s magnetic Phoneme Segmentation Chart. (Reproducible charts included in Blackline Masters)

Click here for sample "Night Flight" (from Set 4B)

Illustrated Decodables

Illustrated Decodables include 10 illustrated versions of Student Reader stories in Set A, plus 10 original titles in Set B.

  • Increase reading practice and build student confidence
  • Promote rereading and build fluency
  • Engage students with illustrations by contemporary artists
  • Provide a great take-home resource
  • 16 pages, 5 ½” x 8 ½” Level
  Level   Skill Sequence
    1   a, i, o, u, e, sh, ch, th, wh, -ng, -nk
    2   ff, ll, ss, al, wa, qu, ck, tch, vCe
    3   open syllable, ild, old, ind, ost, oll, ay, -ed, -s,-es,-ing, Twin & Non-Twin Consonant Syllable Division, ou, a-
    4   ea, -le, oa, ai, ee, oo, igh, ie
    5   Soft c & g, /er/, dge, s = /z/, ow, oe, or,ar
    6   a-, -able, ph, ought, aught, ue, ew, tu, oi, oy, aw, au, ey, kn, wr, mb, gh, gu, -age, Open Syllable
Download free Comprehension Resources Books:

Level 1A

Level 2A

Level 3A

Level 4A

Level 5A

Level 6A
View the skills and titles in Set A + B

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